Sunday, January 20, 2013


Funny story. Actually, it is not funny at all. It's absolutely spectacular. As I was walking around Giant Eagle this morning who do I run into?

Chef Carla Hall!

None other than Chef Carla Hall from Top Chef and The Chew! Holy moly words cannot even explain how starstruck I am. I have watched Top Chef ever since Chef Carla was on. It was actually Chef Carla who got me hooked absolutely addicted to this series. She was at Giant Eagle promoting her new cookbook Cooking with Love which I want am absolutely dying to get a copy of! From the few minutes that I spoke with her I realized she is truly a humble human being with a passion for food and sharing this enthusiasm with others.

Dreams do come true.

Question of the Day

Have you ever met anybody famous?

Chef Carla was definitely the first famous foodie that I've met, but other famous people include:

Soccer Player Otto Orf

Barry Williams, famously known for his role as Greg Brady on The Brady Bunch

Bridget Marquerdt from The Girl's Next Door

And of course...

Ohio State's very own Dr. Gordon Gee