Sunday, August 12, 2012

Farewell Freshman 15

This was me 4 years ago about to start my college career at The Ohio State University.

Mom obviously wasn't happy to leave me.

I cannot believe that it's already been that long! I still think it's crazy how fast time flies and that I'm already a college grad. Pondering on the past, I realize how much I matured and became the person who I am today. College was not all easy peezy though. There were definitely ups and downs but I truly believe that this is how a person grows, learns, and matures.
All smiles here!

Not only were there ups and downs emotionally, but physically as well. As we all know, when taking that first step into college worrying about the dreaded Freshman 15 is apparent. Yet, there are a few ton of ways to combat this crisis.

Once you wave goodbye to your parents you are beginning a brand new chapter in your life. Your parents are not there every day to help keep you on track, feed you, lecture you...this is all you.

There are great resources at colleges that students should take full advantage of: the gym. At OSU, we had multiple workout facilities and I took full advantage of them. This was one of the ways that helped keep a few of those unwanted pounds off. I would make sure that I would workout 4-5 times a week and incorporate both weight-lifting and cardio to get full maximization.

Cardio Canyon at Ohio State

Sometimes though, one may think "Oh I went to the gym, now I can eat whatever I want at the school cafeteria..." WRONG. It's difficult to say no to all the delicious, prepared foods staring right at your face screaming eat me, eat me. But just be conscious of your food decisions. Instead of getting fries with your burger, have a piece of fruit or some type of veggie that is not doused in butter and oil. If you do go to a buffet-style eating facility, limit your consumption since one is much more likely to eat until they are stuffed silly. Portion control is where it's at people!

Fill your body with the nutrients that it deserves.
So I've mentioned working out and eating to help combat the Freshman 15 yet there is one more huge component of college that everybody knows occurs: alcohol.

Sorry Mom and Dad, I hate to break it to ya this way but as crazy as it sounds I did drink as a freshman. Oops. One thing I didn't know though was that alcohol is simply empty calories and they quickly add up. So if you're not going to go to the gym or eat healthy, make sure you at least limit your alcohol consumption. And please play it safe. The legal drinking age is 21 and although most college students consume before this age at least be smart about it. Do not leave your drink unattended. Do not try and out-drink others. Do not drink and drive.

Take all of these helpful hints into consideration and you will succeed at beating the Freshman 15.

Question of the Day:

What is your favorite college memory?

My favorite would have to be graduation. I know it sounds so typical, but the emotions that come with receiving a diploma after four hard years of school...nothing beats that feeling.   

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