Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Breakfast Ideas

Got the breakfast blues? Sad that you had to wake up and leave your comfy bed? Dreading work? Have no fear! Zap that sunrise sadness and kick start your day with a big breakfast!

Breakfast love

As previously promised, I am going to mention some great meal ideas. This was a favor to my sister-in-law who needed help with quick, easy, and inexpensive meals since she and my brother have a 2 week old son.

Too cute for words

A few posts ago, I gave out multiple snack suggestions and today you are going to find out numerous breakfast meals.


This is the most important meal of the day! I've raved about this here. My breakfasts are substantial. They are big huge. Whenever I have too little of this morning meal I am ravished within an hour or two. I like to make it a complete meal by combining whole grains, dairy, and fruit.

Oatmeal: instant oatmeal is quick. If you like the flavored kind, get the reduced sugar type. You can also check out more oatmeal recipes here!

Blueberry and Walnut Oatmeal

Yogurt Parfait: combine any type of fruit with a container of yogurt.

Yogurt Parfait
Cereal: try and opt for types with 9g of sugar or less per serving. I would try and go even lower than that if possible.

Top with fruit for an extra boost of nutrients!

Bagel: try to go with whole grain type bagels since they will keep you fuller longer. Top with low fat cream cheese, light butter, natural PB, or reduced sugar jelly.

 So many different ways to spruce a bagel up!

Greek Yogurt: extremely filling due to its protein content. I have a yummy recipe for it that I’m going to post soon. It’s a cheesecake Greek yogurt parfait. So filling and delicious! As you know, I'm all about saving pennies any way possible but I personally do not like Kroger's Greek yogurt. I love Chobani. So I cut out coupons and buy when it's on sale. Chobani is a little expensive but so good! Get the 0% fat kind.

Buying the economy size helps save money too!
Eggs: I prefer liquid egg whites since it’s much less in cholesterol and calories, but whole eggs are great too! Make yourself a veggie omelet or scramble 2 eggs with some lots of fresh veggies and pair with a nice bowl of fruit!

Healthy breakfast!
So if you're ever in a bind for breakfast, just remember these few helpful hints and kick start your day the right way!
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  1. First we just need to say that your brothers baby is adorable!! Thanks for these great breakfast ideas! They look delicious and pretty easy! We appreciate you linking up to our Strut Your Stuff Saturday link party! Please come back again soon! -The Sisters

    1. Thank you! He is such a little ham. So cute!

      The whole idea was that the breakfast ideas would be simple and easy to create in a time crunch!